Yellow Blue Bus is a 6-piece global-fusion ensemble based in Adelaide, South Australia. At the core of YBB is the beautiful sound of the Ukrainian bandura, a 65 stringed cousin of the lute. Ihor Kushnir and Damian Chumak play this quintessentially Ukrainian instrument in YBB.

Layered onto the distinctively Ukrainian sound of banduras are violin, guitar and mandolin by James Sweeney, keyboard and percussion by Tony Hole, bass by Peter Telenko and drums by Dylan O’Brien. Together Yellow Blue Bus creates tales of the heart and soul, sometimes majestic and courtly, sometimes wild and thunderous, but always passionate and uplifting.


YBB draws on elements of traditional Ukrainian folk music, updated and contemporised and blends this with a wide range of musical styles. Recreating traditional pieces as well as creating new original compositions, a YBB performance includes a large diversity of genres, making the band difficult to pigeon hole.

The Ukrainian word “zletya”, conveying ‘fusion’, literally means “things flying into one place from all directions” This single word perfectly describes the extremely eclectic mix of YBB’s music, so we have adopted “Zletya” to describe the genre of music we play.